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    This year we are rewarding Members with more exclusive contests, sports betting content and sportsbook offers.

    To start with . . . our Super Easy, Super Bowl contest is now for Members ONLY!
    That’s right, the only Super Bowl contest we are offering for SB53 is one for OSGA Members!

    Play the OSGA Members-Only Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest for an exclusive cash prize!
    Click Here to get started!

    Simply pick 8 prop bets and the total score of Super Bowl 53. As a second tie-breaker, players have to pick the number of first downs for the winning Super Bowl team. This is a winner take all contest!


    First place will receive $250 Cash
    Any Member who gets more than 5 Prop bets correct will get one additional month added to their membership!

    Head to to Super Easy Super Bowl Contest here.

    Good Luck in the contest and with all of your Superbowl wagers!


    It want allow me to get to the contest

    OSGA Admin

    Hello Terrence.

    This year the Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest for OSGA Members only.

    It look like your membership expired.

    Feel free to sign up again back up as an OSGA VIP and you can play this contest . . . and more!

    The OSGA Team
    Where Members Get More!

    OSGA Admin

    Just 3 hours left to get in on the Members Only Super Bowl LIII contest!!

    Play the OSGA Members-Only Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest for an exclusive cash prize!
    Go to https://www.osgamembers.com/?page_id=3639 to win $250!!

    OSGA Admin


    We are happy to announce the winner of the OSGA Members Only Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest. VIP Member ‘jkressen1’ managed to somehow pick 6 correct props, despite the lackluster offensive (or great defensive) effort in Super Bowl LIII.

    Way to go ‘jkressen1’!!

    One other member also had 6 correct prop bet selections. So as usual, we had to go to the tie breaker. But, with such a low scoring game, every player went over the total score. Thus, we had to go to the second tie-breaker according to the rules.

    “If all players go OVER the total score or there is still a tie after using the final score total tie-breaker, the 2nd tie breaker of the number of first downs by the winning team will be used. Again, if no player has the exact number of first downs, the closest to the total number of first downs without going over will be the winner.”

    The Patriots had 22 first downs in all, including four by way of penalty. Long-time member ‘H8H8rs’ also had six correct picks and chose 28 first downs, going over, while ‘jkressen1’ picked 21 first downs to grab the $250 prize in this winner-take-all contest.

    In addition, players who got 5 or more props correct also got a free month of OSGA membership tacked on to their existing VIP subscription. In all, five players got the extra month!

    We thank all of the members who participated and look forward to presenting the 18th annual OSGA NCAA Basketball Challenge in March!

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    ed hines

    Great service,,and to have these fun contests,,win-win

    Thank you

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